About Draft Dragons

Hey Fantasy Sports Fans,
This is Phil Naessens also known as Fantasy Phil. You’ve probably either heard
me talking sports on my daily syndicated radio show The Phil Naessens Show or
writing about Fantasy Sports in any of a number of places around the World
Wide Web. It’s nice to meet you!
I  have a confession to make; I’m a Fantasy Sports junkie. When I’m not talking
or writing about Fantasy Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey I’m playing
Fantasy Sports in house leagues, private leagues and of course Daily Fantasy
Games. I love them all for different reasons.
Like most of us I began playing Fantasy Sports in season long leagues and quickly
discovered that playing Daily Fantasy Sports was another kettle of fish
altogether. There were things I liked and things I didn’t. I’m sure you can relate.
About a year ago I decided to do something about it and enlisted a fellow Daily
Fantasy player and successful entrepreneur to help me bring to you a Daily
Fantasy Sports site that caters to not only Daily Fantasy players but also to
you who love playing the season long leagues.
Enter Draft Dragons.
Draft Dragons may not be the first Daily Fantasy site but I think we are the first
where the owners are actual Daily and Standard Fantasy Sports owners. We don’t
need to hire a team of experts to understand you because we already do.
We know and understand the differences between the season long leagues and Daily
leagues; if anyone tells you both are the same then they aren’t telling you the
entire story.
Draft Dragons is here to bridge the enormous gap between the seasonal leagues and
Daily leagues into one fun environment that you are going to want to be a part of;
and tell your friends about.
Draft Dragons is also here to teach you how to become better Daily Fantasy players
through on site blogs, forums, our amazing affiliates and of course a weekly
Fantasy Sports program called Phil’s Fantasy Sports.
We’ll be starting out with Basketball and Hockey and along the way we’ll add
Baseball, Football and other sports to enhance your experience.
We want Draft Dragons to be your number one stop for Fantasy Sports and once
you’re here I think you’ll agree that Draft Dragons is the place to be!
Good Luck Fantasy Sports Fans,
Phil Naessens - AKA "Fantasy Phil"